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STRIDE Employee Awards

Service, Teamwork, Resourceful, Innovative, Detail Oriented, Exceeds Expectations

We are halfway through announcing our Employee STRIDE awards that we gave out at our Company Holiday Party in early January. Service, Teamwork and Resourceful were all given to some of our most dedicated and hard working employees - not that all of them aren't!! See below for little snip bits of why each was chosen

The 2018 Service Award was given to Beth Polito. Beth is a team member that you can put in either the most formal or casual setting and she instinctively knows how to handle the crowd and the situation. She can politely save a guest from a killer hangover or can deal with high profile guests as if they were Joe Schmo - providing her high level of service to every client or guest equally. We often hear directly from clients that they loved having her in their homes, she has a calming presence that instantly allows clients to know that their event is in great hands. Beth, your constant smile and good judgement make every event we work with you a joy!

The 2018 Teamwork Award was given to John McLallen. In the many years he has worked with us he has taken on any challenge we have thrown at him with enthusiasm and 110% effort. He ran the snack bar at SHYF for years, has helped to launch and run Cured and helps to train and guide all of our young stewards. He takes great pride and joy in making our favorites for lunch and shows more holiday spirit more than any one else we know. JB - we appreciate all that you do to make TCT a fun place to work!

The 2018 award for Resourcefulness was given to Spencer McKinnon. Off-site catering requires that staff be resourceful and learn how to use what you have available to do the best job possible. Spencer did just that - both literally and figuratively. He has an amazing attitude, takes on new tasks and and works hard to figure out how to make it happen. This summer, we asked him to be the lead at the Snack Bar at Duxbury Yacht Club. He taught himself how to create systems to track ordering and receiving and would follow up to make sure that the kitchen prepped everything he needed. He faced staff challenges and met those head on with a level of professionalism and maturity that far exceeds his age. But most importantly, he has learned that not every idea you have will always work out, but it is how you take those experiences and use them moving forward that truly sets you apart! Spencer, we may always tease you about your attempt to clean out the hot fryolater oil into a plastic bucket, but we are proud of all you have learned and are thrilled to name the Bronzed Award for Resourcefulness in your honor - the McKinnon Cup!

Follow us on Instagram @thechefstable to see follow along with the second half of award recipients or stay tuned for the next post!


Thank you to the staff from hospitable hostess for allowing our servers to take the night off, Gerilyn Van Dam Floral and Be Our Guest for helping us to decorate the Cushing Center and Kaitlyn Litchfield Photo for capturing all of the festivities for posterity.



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