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Venue Shoutout: Birch Point Estate

All of our weddings are very special to us of course, but I think we can all agree it's a whole new level when it's one of your own. This stunning venue located on a private island in Scituate is showcased by Lauren Warner and her husband Nic. I know many of you have probably worked with Lauren on your past weddings and events so it was so special to see her find her own venue and vendors!

Views of the Atlantic Ocean for every part of your wedding from getting ready in the included "wedding suite" all the way through your reception will be sure to blow all your guests away. Seeing how perfect the property was for weddings, the owners ended up becoming a part of "Mayflower Venues," which is a group of nontraditional outdoor venues in New England. This house is certainly just that - not one you would find on just any wedding site. Perfect for a couple looking outside the "cookie cutter" wedding and wanting a unique space to make their own. Check out some of the space photos below and head to their site for more of the house!

Scituate, Massachusetts


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