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It's 3rd and goal - Make it Count

February 3rd - 5 days away from arguably one of the most anticipated days of the year here in the states. If you don’t know where you’re watching the game by now, you’re already behind. If you’re hosting your friends, family, acquaintances, random people you just met, what? - they were Pats fans! - I hope you have your Game Plan written.

As an avid football fanatic, New England sports or die kinda gal; even I still know food is one of the most important aspects on Super Bowl Sunday. As much as we all love Tom, his health filled diet is the last spread we would want to see on your kitchen island this coming Sunday. It’s the day to break out those grease-filled recipes you’ve had sitting on Pinterest! Maybe just practice it first so that you don’t end up with one of those iconic “Pinterest Fails.”

Follow some of our top tips, tricks and ideas to ensure you account for enough food - because we all know there will be tons of stress eating!

1. Start with some appetizers / hors d’ouvres

There will always be people who come late or just ate and not ready for more heavy dishes. Depending on your guest count, offer 3-7 options and at least one piece of each per person. The best way to take this off your shoulders? Ask your guests to not come empty handed. Most will be more than happy to get creative or simply just pick up a veggie platter at your local grocery store.

2. Send out the menu ahead of time

You’re not going to want each person to show up with their “famous” Buffalo Chicken Dip or, apparently it’s strictly just Chicken Wing Dip according to my roommate from Buffalo. Simple sign-ups on your Facebook page or group chat will ensure you have a full variety of choices.

3. Offer some healthier options

As much as people’s minds may tell them they can skip a day of fruits and vegetables, the heavy feeling in their stomach will quickly leave them with regret. Caprese Skewers or Bang Bang Cauliflower can surely do the trick.

Looking to get catering to assist in handling all these details? Order one of our Super Bowl Packages by Thursday at 4:30pm or stop into Cured for other pre-made meals to pick up on game day! Our Chef JB has all your BBQ needs handled for you.



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